Your Ultimate Tanki Online Cheats

Everyone knows how much fun Tanki can be, but it can be hard to get crystals and competition is stiff as more people start playing the game. So what if there was a way you could get a limitless amount of crystals without having to bust your mouse to do it?

There is.

We have developed a series of Tanki Online cheats designed specifically to get you crystals and ensure you get an edge over your competition without having to put in the time to grind battles. Imagine, using our Tanki online cheats, you can now gather up everything you want and do it without having to burn precious gaming time trying to get it!

Our Tanki Online cheats are easy to use, friendly and intuitive to use for even the most novice game player. A few clicks and you’ll be on your way to absolute domination. At the same time, we have developed a web version which is very convenient for you because it doesn’t need to download.

tanki online cheats screenshot

This software doesn’t contain viruses, malware or tracking information and simply does it what it offers; Tanki Online cheats. You’ll never put your account at risk and you’ll never have to provide anything more than your login ID so the program knows which account to apply the Tanki Online cheats to!

tanki online cheats Virus Scan

But it gets better.

Our software is completely free. It always has been and always will be. We believe gamers should enjoy themselves and thus we give away our Tanki Online cheats for free– but because the game developers work tirelessly to patch loopholes in their system, we can’t guarantee how long these cheats will work, so you’ll need to act fast.

Our programmers work just as hard to find holes in the code, but our Tanki Online cheats might not be up to date for much longer, so it’s important get the software and get your crystals before its too late!


Don’t want to download? Ok, just click here!



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Free Amazon Gift Cards Generated by the Dozens

Given that an Amazon gift card is just about as good as cash (you can buy literally anything under the sun), you would think that Amazon would have a more secure system for how they handle their gift cards. But they went for efficient and streamlined instead of un-exploitable, and that decision helps us generate free Amazon gift card codes. The way Amazon’s gift card system works is that there are certain codes that you can redeem for cash in your Amazon account. Amazon doesn’t have a database that maps each code it issues to a dollar value. Instead, properties of the code itself determine the dollar value that it is worth. For example, the code DHEI273 might be meaningless and worthless, while the code JBOU802 might be worth $20 and BOEA08 $100. These were just examples of course, but it means that getting Amazon gift card codes is not as impossible as one might imagine—you just have to find the algorithm that maps an Amazon gift card code to its corresponding dollar value, and then you’re off.

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The Amazon gift card generator works by randomly generating thousands of Amazon gift card codes very quickly, and trying to activate each of them with Amazon. Of course, most of them don’t work, but a few do work and you can rack up some impressive free Amazon gift card codes just by letting the hack tool run for a while.

There are two versions to choose from depending on your circumstances. If you have Windows OS, there’s a desktop tool you can use. The interface is simply and easy, and you don’t have to worry about viruses and malware. It is guaranteed 100% clean, and you can test to verify. You can get the desktop tool here:


If you’re on an operating system other than Windows, don’t lose hope! There is an online version of the hack tool that is browser-based, but has the same powerful functionality as the desktop version. It’s cross-platform compatible and works with whatever operating system you’re using, whether it’s Windows, Mac OSX, Android, or iPhone. It’s dead simple to use, and there’s not even anything to download or install. The program simply runs on remote servers and delivers the results to you. To check it out, follow this link:


Nothing beats the satisfaction of entering a code that popped up on your computer and watching the credits roll into your account. So get free Amazon gift cards with the Amazon gift card generator.

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