Your Ultimate Tanki Online Cheats

Everyone knows how much fun Tanki can be, but it can be hard to get crystals and competition is stiff as more people start playing the game. So what if there was a way you could get a limitless amount of crystals without having to bust your mouse to do it?

There is.

We have developed a series of Tanki Online cheats designed specifically to get you crystals and ensure you get an edge over your competition without having to put in the time to grind battles. Imagine, using our Tanki online cheats, you can now gather up everything you want and do it without having to burn precious gaming time trying to get it!

Our Tanki Online cheats are easy to use, friendly and intuitive to use for even the most novice game player. A few clicks and you’ll be on your way to absolute domination. At the same time, we have developed a web version which is very convenient for you because it doesn’t need to download.

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This software doesn’t contain viruses, malware or tracking information and simply does it what it offers; Tanki Online cheats. You’ll never put your account at risk and you’ll never have to provide anything more than your login ID so the program knows which account to apply the Tanki Online cheats to!

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But it gets better.

Our software is completely free. It always has been and always will be. We believe gamers should enjoy themselves and thus we give away our Tanki Online cheats for free– but because the game developers work tirelessly to patch loopholes in their system, we can’t guarantee how long these cheats will work, so you’ll need to act fast.

Our programmers work just as hard to find holes in the code, but our Tanki Online cheats might not be up to date for much longer, so it’s important get the software and get your crystals before its too late!


Don’t want to download? Ok, just click here!



Tanki Online Wiki

Tanki Online is the first well known flash-based 3D action game found online. The game has received a series of prestigious awards including the popular site of the day award offered at the favorite website awards. It is the best game which lacks a publisher. It was rated in 2009 the best technology during the K.R.I Russian Flash awards. At the Runet prize giving, it won the prize of best Russian internet game.

Thousands of players all over the planet has joined the Tanki Online game. If you do wish to join, do not hesitate. Just visit Tanki and start playing immediately. On the side of that website, you will be happy also to find lot of very useful information concerning this particular game. You will discover lot of very interesting facts and on top of that you will get lot of free advice from potential players who are always online. The content of the website or rather encyclopedia is constantly improved and updated. The WIKI encyclopedia is created for the purposes of providing regular information and also for the players and other visitors of the game to review the current game events. The encyclopedia is not used for purposes of advertising nor commercial purposes.


Immediately you start playing the game, you will get the rules, license agreement, cookies and private policy, administration and the assistant administration and you will be able also to access the development plans of the game. You will also get some guides which includes, video guides, advice from the most experienced players and also guides from hulls and turrets. In case of problems, there is a bench ready to provide some technical support for you. The technical team will respond to beginner’s questions appropriately, complains launch about offenders, advice on what to do in case you are punished in the course of the game, which is the most appropriate browser to choose among many other support. Do not wait, join the game and enjoy everything related to this friendly game.

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